Temporary Rules

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The International Albacore Association provides (Article V, Paragraph 10) for the Inernational Rules Committee to issue interim changes to the International Albacore Rules.

"10. Proposed interim changes to the International Rules which have been unanimously approved by the International Rules Committee (IRC) may be used until the next General or Special Meeting of the Association but not thereafter unless approved by the National Associations, the Association and the Royal Yachting Association."

The following is a list of Interim Rules issued by the IRC. Expired rules and those incorporated into official rules have had the full text moved to the archive page.

TR #1 Electronic Compasses: Incorporated into official rules, September 1, 2010.

TR #2 Centerboards: Expired without incorporation into official rules, September 10, 2005.

TR #3 Large Jib Window

Change G.4.2(d)
From "one window" to "two windows"

Change G.4.3


window area

0.19 m2

window to sail edge
150 mm



window area

0.40 m2

window to edge of luff and leach
150 mm

window to straight line between tack and clew
150 mm

Effective Date: November 1, 2010
Issued by: International Rules Committee, David S. Weaver, Chairman

Expiration Date: Anticipate permanent incorporation into class rules. Otherwise this rule expires at next General Meeting of the IAA- anticipated to be on or before September 25, 2011

Rational/Explantion of Change: http://albacore.org/node/83