Discussion - Centreboards


Temporary #2 Centerboards

It was brought to the attention of the IRC that some sailors have in recent regattas, changed centerboards depending on wind conditions. These persons believe an advantage may be gained and it may be possible to try and optimize the boat performance for different wind conditions by using different centerboards within a regatta. This is considered an expensive trend and the IRC has recommended the rule proposed above, as an interim step, as a stopgap, in order to stop the practice. A more complete rule will follow hopefully in a year's time.

A new proposal has been tabled by the IRC to change the way in which the centerboard is measured that will also tighten up the variation in the various existing centerboards.

The current rule on Centreboards shows only the measurement to be done of a board itself; not as part of the boat as it would perform under sail.

This currently allows persons to have, if they choose, several centreboard pin positions, as well as centreboards. The new rule still to be formulated, will add a depth measurement to the class rules, to be recorded as part of the centreboard, fully installed within the hull.

To accurately make sure that any new centreboard rule applies fairly to existing class members, a large detailed accumulation of data on existing centreboards needs to be gained before this proposal is finalized.

International Rules Committee, David S. Weaver, Chairman