Experimental Rules

In the interest of enhancing the safety, total cost effectiveness or the longevity of Albacores, the IRC may form time-to-time, issue experimental rules. These rules modify the normal class rules during the time of the experiment and allow those participating in the experiment to use equipment which comply with the conditions laid out in the experimental rule, but not otherwise allowed by the class rules. While the IRC intends to allow experimental equipment to be used in all events, a national Albacore organization may place limits on use at certain events under their jurisdiction.

At the end of the experimental period, the class may amend its rules to incorporate the experiment for permanent use, develop and adopt a modified rule to allow some aspects of the experiment, or it may do nothing in which case the experiment ends and the published class rules take precedence. Unless specifically allowed in a revision to class rules, non-conforming boats and equipment used during the experiment must not continue to be used after the experimental period expires. No experimental deviations shall be "grandfathered" or endorsed as an "acceptable non-compliance" on a measurement certificate. Owners who participate in an experiment bear all the cost and risk of the experiment.

ER # 1 Increase Jib Window Area: Completed December 31, 2008