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24 July 2009; Largs, Ayrshire, UK

  • Venue for 2011 Internationals (Toronto)
  • Class Promotion
  • Class Rule Revision (ISAF- SCR format)


11 October 2007; West River, MD, USA

  • report on Rule Revision (ISAF-SCR format)
  • status of class boat builders
  • Venue for 2009 Internationals (Largs, Scotland)
  • establishment of IAA Class Service Award


8 September 2005; Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK

  • growth of class in UK
  • RYA requirement to reformat rules in ISAF SCR format
  • Venue for 2007 Internationals (Chesapeake Bay)
  • Royalty due to Uffa Fox Foundation


24 July 2003; Kingston, ON, CA

  • Changes to headsail pole and buoyancy validation approved
  • 2005 Internationals will be in Lyme Regis, Devon, England


9 August 2001; Torquay, Devon, UK

  • Builder’s fee needs to discussed by CAA and USAA
  • New rudder rule to be voted on by National Associations
  • Hull measurement and advertising to be discussed by National Associations
  • albacore.org is IAA web site, with links to BAA, CAA, and USAA
  • 2003 Internationals will be in Kingston, CA
  • Dues per 1999 IAA meeting have not been billed; Treasurer to do.


9 and 12 October 1999; Dewey Beach, DE, USA

  • IAA handbook will not be pursued
  • IAA not joining ISAF re-affirmed
  • IAA does not need its own web site; get a page on each national site; UIK webmaster Steve Wilson to be asked to build the IAA page
  • Albacore copyright verified by documentation; national associations to be so notified
  • there shall be no further phone or postage changes to IAA; make all such billings to IAA rep's own association
  • $2CA assessment for IAA to be terminated except for 2000; 1999 waived


28, 29 and 30 July 1997; Hayling Island, Hampshire, UK

  • verified that 1995 Constitution changes were approved by member national associations
  • Technical Subcommittee for redesign defunct, but CAA and USAA think interior redesign is viable
  • each national association to be assessed $2CA for IAA annually
  • UK to hold Worlds in 2001, but requests review of 4 yr interval
  • IAA won't join ISAF now but will follow up to see if membership has value
  • triangle, windward/leeward or Olympic courses are acceptable for Worlds races
  • Constitution change to Article VI proposed
  • boat numbering control to stay under control of CAA
  • Rosemary Helmer to investigate cost of IAA website
  • RYA must follow IAA Constitutional provisions for Class rule changes


27 July 1995; Kingston, ON, CA

  • changes to IAA Constitution, Articles XI, V.8, VI, XV, XX, V.9
  • IAA to create Technical Subcommittee for redesign effort
  • each national associations to be asked what it would contribute to redesign effort
  • IAA to re-affiliate with RYA
  • Ken Aryton to be IAA rep to RYA; Mike McNamara also a good choice
  • Rules Committee needs to firm up "all up weight" definition


12 and 13 October 1993; Rehoboth, DE, USA

  • IAA to find out how RYA holds copyright to Albacore
  • recommend a demo event at 1995 Worlds to allow shroud levers
  • OK to bill IAA for postage and phone calls
  • approved 4 yr North Am/UK Worlds rotation; 1995 event to be in CA


10 August 1991; Edinburgh, Midlothian, UK

  • request USAA and CAA to consider allowing shroud levers
  • statement made that IAA Bylaws recommends Worlds max at 60 competitors [Note: Secretary has no copy of any such Bylaws]
  • recommend that IAA develop standard set of race rules for Worlds
  • Ireland to be asked to join IAA as provisional member
  • 1993 Worlds to be in Rehoboth, MD
  • IAA to consider Worlds rotation be North Am/UK every 4 years


Kingston, ON, CA

  • IAA Secretary has no minutes from this meeting


Toms River, NJ, USA

  • IAA Secretary has no minutes from this meeting


14 August 1985; Herne Bay, Kent, UK

  • rules 3.2.6 and 3.2.20 changes to be submitted to RYA
  • suggested that there be a standard set of World race instructions
  • 1987 Worlds to be in USA, sites under consideration


23 August 1983; Toronto, ON, CA

  • NAA approval of two headsails over IAA objection is detrimental to the Class C/B of Woof’s being 20mm under spec is grandfathered but if board is replaced, it must be correct size and trunk must be modified.
  • future rule changes should go through RYA for approval
  • proposal that ’85 World’s (in Weymouth) be "open" is not good; split fleet after day 2 and keep Championship fleet at 30 boats max

1981 and earlier


  • IAA Secretary has no minutes from these meetings