2015 International Championship

The 22nd Albacore International Championship will be held March 23-27, 2015 in Sarasota, Florida, USA. The MidWinter Championship will precede the Internationals at the same venue on March 20-22, 2015.

USAA and the Sarasota Sailing Squadron are combining their volunteer forces to make the 2015 International Albacore Championship a one-­of-­a-­kind event. As the crowd in this picture can attest to, Sarasota is worth the travel, just ask any one of the 2013 Albacore Mid Winters participants!

We will combine two events: the traditional SSS One Design MidWinter Regatta for the USAA MidWinter Championship, and follow that with the Albacore Internationals.

MidWinters March 20 - 22, 2015
Internationals March 23 - 27, 2015

This will give us three days of racing in the Mid Winters (Friday through Sunday), enough time to get rid of all the cobwebs accumulated during the winter, get used to the boat again, and have an opportunity to tune up for the Internationals. Some of us will arrive on Thursday before the MidWinters to set up the boats, do some tuning, and perhaps sail around St. Amands Island.

The Internationals will officially start Sunday late afternoon with registration and a welcome party in the evening. We plan to have racing Monday through Friday for the Internationals, with perhaps a lay day on Wednesday to give our guests a chance to do some touristic exploration or simply crash on Lido Beach. The evenings will be filled with some ad hoc and some planned parties, the Internationals will close on Friday with an awards ceremony and a dinner party.

SSS and its members are known for their outstanding hospitality and friendly assistance to all competitors in their events. We have been treated to ine dinners this spring as well as in the past years. They manage to cook special meals for the crowd of 70 or more that comes every year for the One Design regatta with their own volunteers. In addition we have some fine cooks among the Albacore sailors who have treated us to fine unexpected dinners after a long day of sailing. That’s great since now and then you just don’t feel like going out and driving to one of the many restaurants.

For those who have not visited there yet, SSS is located at the eastern end of the small peninsula south of New Pass. Launching from SSS we sail to the north into Sarasota Bay. There is a dependable sea breeze developing in the spring with often exciting strength in the afternoon, or strong system breezes mix up the conditions after a frontal passage.

Sarasota is a touristic hotspot, it’s the place to be at the end of winter! Longboat Key, St. Amands Island, Lido Beach, and Sarasota offer all you can ask for: hotels, motels, and apartments in all price categories, restaurants, bars, beaches, history...... just start with the Internet and you will find it all, for example: www.starmandscircleassoc.com/hist.cfm