2011 International Championships

The 20th Albacore International Championships were held September 16-23, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This marked the 40th year of International competition in the Albacore fleet. A recap of the event that was originally published at Sail World is available here.


72 boats participated in the Canadian Championships and 54 boats in the International Championships. After 12 races in a full range of conditions, Barney Harris and David Byron won their 4th Internationals.
2011 Canadian Championships (All fleets)
Final Internationals results



Peter Trebuss PTLaw

Royal LePage Kingsway

Teresa Miolla

Weather Information

An anlysis of the weather patterns over the previous 5 years and daily weather briefings were provided by Ron Bianchi.

Day 7 (September 23) Forecast.
Weather Map Update September 22.
Day 6 (September 22) Forecast.
Weather Update September 21.
Day 5 Forecast (Lay day).
Day 4 Forecast.
Day 3 Forecast.
Weather Update September 18.
Day 2 Forecast.
Day 1 Forecast.

Albacore Weather Briefing, September 16, 2011.

Weather information (wind, temperatures, and rain) on the RCYC race course from 2006 to 2010.

Temperatures and rain
Wind roses

Additional Documents

Notice of Race (50 kB)
Sailing Instructions (135 kB)
Measurement Check Requirements (69 kB)