Temporary Class Rules


The International Albacore Association provides (Article V, Paragraph 10) for the International Rules Committee to issue interim changes to the International Albacore Rules. Such "interim rules" may be found here. Once published here, these interim rules take on full authority until the expiration date listed, or until made permanent in the official class rules.

"10. Proposed interim changes to the International Rules which have been unanimously approved by the International Rules Committee (IRC) may be used until the next General or Special Meeting of the Association but not thereafter unless approved by the National Associations, the Association and the Royal Yachting Association."

Current Temporary Class Rules

Temporary #3 Large Jib Window

Change G.4.2(d)

From "one window" to "two windows"

Change G.4.3


  Minimum Maximum
window area   0.19 m2
window to sail edge 150 mm  


  Minimum Maximum
window area   0.40 m2
window to edge of luff and leach 150 mm  
window to straight line between tack and clew 150 mm  

Link to Discussion of Large Jib Window

Effective Date: November 1, 2010

Expiration Date: Anticipate permanent incorporation into class rules. Otherwise this rule expires at next General Meeting of the IAA, anticipated to be on or before September 25, 2011

Issued by: International Rules Committee, David S. Weaver, Chairman

Previous Temporary Class Rules

This archive has been provided for historic purposes only. Rules shown here have either expired or been incorporated into current rules.

Rule numbers referenced are to the set of rules in effect at the time the temporary rule was created.

Temporary #2 Centerboards

New rule: Part B Rule 7.5

"During an event of less than seven consecutive days, only one centerboard shall be used and, with the leading edge of the board at 90 degrees to the keel, the length of this board shall not be changed or allowed to be changed. An exception may be granted by the Race Committee if this centreboard is lost or damaged beyond repair."

Link to Discussion of Centerboards

Effective Date: January 1, 2005

Expiration Date: September 10, 2005

Issued by: International Rules Committee, David S. Weaver, Chairman

Temporary #1 Electronic Compasses

Change to Part B Rule 14.9 to be:

"Electronic devices other than timing devices, electronic compasses and/or devices displaying heading and time, provided they do not correlate time and heading information. The electronic compass may have an adjustable dampening to a maximum of 10 seconds."

Effective Date: January 1, 2005

Expiration Date: Approved by all three member countries in 2005.  Incorporated into International and National Class Rules September 2010.

Issued by: International Rules Committee, David S. Weaver, Chairman