Interpretation #3 ‘Roman Nose’ Headsail Measurement

The Albacore Rules make it mandatory that we define the clew point in accordance with the ERS. The only guidance provided by the ERS regarding the clew point is given by ERS G.4.1 and the accompanying figures. All Albacore headsails used at the 2011 Internationals will be measured in accordance with these rules.

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Effective Date: August 15, 2011

Issued by: International Rules Committee, David S. Weaver, Chairman

Interpretation #2 Matching Sail Numbers, Hull Numbers and National Letters

Sail numbers shall match hull numbers as specified in the Albacore Class Rules except when the notice of race (NOR) or the sailing instructions (SI) invoke RRS-Appendix G3 allowing chartered or loaned boats to carry national letters or a sail number in contravention to her class rules.

An event organizing authority that intends to place RRS Appendix G3 into effect shall so state in the notice of race and/or in the sailing instructions and shall give specific contact information for the review authority to which competitors will apply for exemption from the Albacore Class requirements for carrying national letters or sail numbers. Such notice shall be given in a timely fashion so that competitors have opportunity to apply and the review authority considering applications has time to respond in a way that is fair to all competitors.

When RRS-G3 is in effect, competitors wishing to take advantage of this provision must make an application to the authority designated in the NOR or SI in writing in accordance with instructions and deadlines set forth in the NOR or SI. Late applications may be accepted at the sole discretion of the review authority, but in no case will they be accepted after the close of registration for the event. The application shall include:

  • clear statement of the reason(s) for requesting an exemption
  • a copy of the measurement certificate (for the boat to which the sails to be used belong) showing the sails to be used are measured and properly endorsed on this certificate
  • the hull number and name of owner of the chartered or loaned hull which will be used with miss matched sails

2.4 Upon receipt of application, the designated review authority will immediately acknowledged such receipt and communicate to the applicant a date by which a decision will be rendered. Such applications will be treated on a case-by-case basis and may be granted or denied. The principle guiding each decision will be fair sailing in accordance with the spirit of the Sail Endorsement Rule 13.5.2 (see discussion for examples and further guidance). In no circumstances will a boat be permitted to use the sail number of another boat that is racing.

2.5 Approved applications shall be communicated to the applicant within the time established in the acknowledgement and posted on the official event notice board prior to the first race.

2.6 Competitors who are found to be in violation of the rules regarding sail numbers and their endorsement and who have not applied for and received an exemption as stated in this interpretation will be subject to protest and disqualification.

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Effective Date:

Issued by: International Rules Committee, David S. Weaver, Chairman

Interpretation #1 Headsail Poles (Rule #11)

"Any headsail setting arrangement is considered legal if it complies with the existing Albacore Rules. For the purpose of interpreting these rules, any flexible non-metallic line less than 8mm in diameter shall not be considered a headsail boom fitting."

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Effective Date: July 20, 2003

Issued by: International Rules Committee, David S. Weaver, Chairman